Please take time to sign this petition to end the student debt crisis.

Today, Americans hold an all-time record $1.3 trillion in student debt. Senator Elizabeth Warren has a smart plan to end this crisis: Let Americans with federal student loans refinance at today’s low rate. When Senator Warren introduces legislation focused on refinancing student loans, I urge you to support the bill.


Debt, climate change, immigration top student agenda

WASHINGTON — The recent gathering of 328 college and graduate students from across the nation here at the 45th annual “Grassroots Legislative Conference,” hosted by the United States Student Association (USSA), which has strong ties with the labor movement, could be called nothing short of a “tour de force” in … Continue reading

Hundreds arrested in Keystone XL pipeline protest

by: John Bachtell In a dramatic sign of growing opposition to construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, 398 students were arrested March 2 after they chained themselves to the White House fence. A network of students called XL Dissent organized the protest, part of a groundswell of calls upon President … Continue reading

Maduro calls for peace in the face of right wing violence

On 11 April 2002 a failed coup d’état was attempted that resulted in democratically elected President Hugo Chávez ousted from office for 47 hours, before being restored by a combination of military loyalists and massive public support for his government. Chávez was initially detained by members of the military and … Continue reading

Christopher Hedges’ catastrophism is faulty politics

By Sam Webb

A friend of mine sends me commentaries by Christopher Hedges. He raves about them. In his words, they speak truth to power, tell it like it is. Christopher Hedges, he says, “pull no punches.”

I find them instructive and full of insights too; their sense of outrage is palpable.

There is little doubt that Christopher Hedges counts among a growing galaxy of progressive and left writers who are challenging conventional wisdom that sustains the system of capitalism and its present political configuration of forces.

But here’s my beef with Christopher Hedges. While he goes beyond liberal analysts in his critiques of present-day society, he also in my view falls into the trap of what I call “political catastrophism.”

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Youth battle for social change in St. Louis

This article was originally published January 17 2014 on People’s World. By Elyse Vesser ST. LOUIS -  In a society where the national student debt totals $1.1 trillion, it is more important than ever to lift young activists up and support them in their efforts to organize and create social … Continue reading

At Nissan and beyond, workers’ rights are civil rights


This article was originally published January 14 2014 on People’s World. by: Tyson Jackson Like any embattled community that needs to rebuild, shepherding activism into the next generation requires that established organizers learn how to retire gracefully, and that those moving onto the front lines learn how to temper urgency … Continue reading

Emerson family emergency fund


This past week Emerson and his family were struck by tragedy and lost everything to a house fire. At this point, they have very little to their names. There will be a list of needs posted and donations would greatly help them in these hard times as well. If you are able, please consider helping them in one way or another. Love and Solidarity.

Emerson Family Relief Fund

The Legacy of Martin Luther King JR


A fighter for equality and bringer of justice Martin Luther King Jr. is one of the most important people in all of American history. He fought society the and government, all while being nonviolent. He is a great inspirational leader for humanity, a fighter for equality, and a bringer of … Continue reading

Quito youth meet continues world festival tradition

QUITO, Ecuador – Just hours after the passing of Nelson Mandela in December, over 8,000 youth from around the globe began gathering at the 18th World Festival of Youth and Students in Quito, Ecuador. During the Quito festival’s opening days, beautiful music, banners, and singing filled the air as young … Continue reading